Krambambula is ideal for preparation of cocktails. We offer to taste original Belarusian cocktails especially developed by the best bartenders of our country to the order of BELPI – Belarusian Beverages.
«Rich Merchant» coctail

Ingredients: 1 part of Trade-Fair Krambambula, 1 part of dry white wine, ice. Stir Trade-Fair Krambambula with wine, add ice. Dry wine may be replaced with champagne.

«Bedouin’s Smile» coctail
Per 1 serving: 20 ml of Magnificent Krambambula, 30 ml of vodka, 50 ml of cold coffee, several drops of lemon juice, ice. Stir all the components, add ice.
«Tournament» сoctail
Per 1 serving: 50 ml of Knight’s gin, ¼ of green lemon, tonic, ice. Fill in a high 300 ml glass with ice cubes. Add Knight’s gin and cover with tonic. Carefully squeeze lime and put its peel. Stir a bit.
«Forest Wind» сoctail
Per 1 serving: 50 ml of Bountiful Krambambula, 1 tea spoon of honey, ice. Stir Bountiful Krambambula with honey, add ice. A thin slice of lemon as a garnish.
«Bloody Lady» сoctail

Ingredients: 2 parts of Fire Krambambula, 3 parts of tomato juice. Pour tomato juice to a glass. Then carefully pour Fire Krambambula on a knife blade to avoid stirring. Celery or an olive or a piece of cheese as a garnish.

«Silver Bullet» сoctail
Ingredients: 1 part of Hunter’s Krambambula, 1 part of apple juice, ice. Stir Hunter’s Krambambula with apple juice, add ice. A thin slice of apple as a garnish.
«Happy Cook» сoctail
Per 1 serving: 70 ml of Bountiful Krambambula, 2 tea spoons of honey, 200 ml of light beer, ice. Mix Khlebasolnaya Krambambula with honey in a high glass, stir cooled beer, add ice.
«By Fireplace» сoctail
Per 1 serving: 40 ml of Gentleman’s Krambambula, 3 coffee beans, 1 piece of refined sugar. Place well roasted coffee beans and a piece of refined sugar to a glass with Gentleman’s Krambambula. Drink Krambambula before the sugar melts, then chew coffee beans and sugar.
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