Where to Buy

Products of BELPI – Belarusian Beverages can be soon purchased in all the best shops of the Republic of Belarus, including the largest hypermarkets of Minsk and regional centres. More detailed information on prices, terms of payment and delivery at the consumers’ hotline +375 1776 24 336.


Krambambula already gone on sale exclusively in chain stores "Classic Wine".


"Classic Wine" shops:
1. Minsk, ul. Kolesnikov, d. 18
2. Minsk, ul. Platonov, d. 32
3. Minsk, Logoisk tract, d. 15/1
4. Minsk, pr Rokossovsky, d. 78
5. St., Minsk. Skripnikova, d. 1
6. Minsk, Igumen tract, d. 47




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