Krambambula, a Drop of History!

France is famous for its cognac and champagne. Spain is famous for its wines. Germany for its beer. Russia for its vodka. Scotland is well-known for its great whisky, Mexico for tequila, Japan for saki.

What is Belarus famous for? FOR KRAMBAMBULA!!!

Krambambula is the national beverage of the Belarusians!


This legendary incomparable beverage braced up and inspired our ancestors during the time of the Grand Principality of Lithuania. Goblets with wonderful Krambambula were raised at luxurious palaces of magnates and at joyful roadside taverns! It united friends at the table.

Centuries passed. Life changed. It seemed that the popular favourite Krambambula disappeared, got lost in an endless row of years…

No! We found ancient recipes. We restored them with care. And today BELPI – Belarusian Beverages is glad to announce: the legendary Krambambula is back to the Belarusian home, on the Belarusian table. Enjoy it!

Krambambula, a Drop of History!

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