Krambambula on sale now!



Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that Krambambula Hlebasolnaya* and Krambambula Palyaўnіchaya* already gone on sale until exclusively in chain stores "Classic Wine".

Addresses "Classic Wine" shops:
1. Minsk, ul. Kolesnikov, d. 18
2. Minsk, ul. Platonov, d. 32
3. Minsk, Logoisk tract, d. 15/1
4. Minsk, pr Rokossovsky, d. 78
5. St., Minsk. Skripnikova, d. 1
6. Minsk, Igumen tract, d. 47

In the near future is expected certification and delivery in the whole range of trade: Krambambula Panskaya, Krambambula Shchodraya and Krambambula Syardzіtaya.

Also, the expansion of the place of sale will be for your convenience. Expect our products in supermarkets and hypermarkets "Crown", "Almi", "Hippo", "Vitalyur" all over Belarus.

Meet Krambambula in a new bottle, with improved design and exceptional quality as always!


* Krambambula made of "Ivan Kupala torg" under the license agreement with PC Ltd. "Belpi".

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