Participation of BELPI – Belarusian Beverages in the 8th international degustation contest finished with triumph

At the 8th international degustation contest which took place in Minsk BELPI presented to the attention of a strict international jury three beverages: Gentleman’s Krambambula, Bountiful Krambambula, Krambambula Knight’s Gin.

According to the degustation results, Gentleman’s Krambambula and Krambambula Knight’s Gin were awarded gold medals, Bountiful Krambambula was awarded a silver medal. All the three products were awarded diplomas for the best design, corporate identity, and original names of liqueurs and spirits.

Besides, Knight’s gin earned special acknowledgement of the chairperson of the international jury for perfect taste.

Now there are two gold medals in the “money box” of Knight’s Gin and Gentleman’s Krambambula got three (!) gold medals at prestigious international degustation contests.

BELPI confirmed the invariably perfect quality of its products. Taste and enjoy!
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