Bountiful Krambambula

Bountiful Krambambula

It is infused on perfect pine nuts and pine buttons. It seems that the nuts inside the bottle smell of sun and frost.

Alcoholic content: Крепость
Pungency: sweetness-1
Complexity: complexity-5



2009. 8th International degustation contest of Liqueurs and Spirits. Silver medal.

2009. 8th International degustation contest of Liqueurs and Spirits. Diploma for the best design, corporate identity, and original names of liqueurs and spirits.

krambambula4Product type: bitter. 

Alcoholic content: 40%.

Bottle volume: 0.5 l

Ingredients: treated potable water, ethyl alcohol rectified of Lux food raw materials, infusion of pine nuts, infusion of germander speedwell, infusion of pine buttons, sugar, natural honey, pine nuts.

Appearance: transparent liquid with pine nuts introduced to the bottle. Presence of suspensions or sediment of pine nuts particles is allowed.

Colour: light brown to dark brown.

Taste: harmonious, with light pungency and note of pine nuts.

Flavour: complex, with light note of pine nuts.

Caloric value: 224.5 kcal/100 сm3.


Ideal for preparation of Forest Wind cocktail.
Per 1 serving: 50 ml of Bountiful Krambambula, 1 tea spoon of honey, ice. Stir Bountiful Krambambula with honey, add ice. A thin slice of lemon as a garnish.
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